Network chapeau - Fusheng legal
Fusheng Hotel Management is the world's one of various tourism hotel management projects, often make people excited, will often be rewarded. Hotel industry is a need to pay a lot of hard work, but frankly, this direct person to person, face to face contact, exchange of value with an equal amount of work is purely a pleasure!
Fusheng Hotel takes you into one of the other sectors failed to bring you this profound physical, psychological and emotional impact on the enjoyment and because Fusheng Hotel Legal Xiang-yin:
His emphasis is on the management of honesty, customer first, employees first thought; He often said: do is business, post is a friend; We do not always consider how much money, the first consideration is not satisfied guests. His unique hospitality of the road, so that an idea, an idea so enduring hotel since 1985. He is the eldest son of Zhou family today, the real liuting "trotters" and products direct descendant successor and flourish in his hands has become Castle cuisines throughout Qilu earth, renowned all over China and many other countries overseas. Today remained Qing years Maotai taste, in 2007 launched a hot summer trotters, hot mouth bar, hot Zhugong, colon and other hot sauce stock (sauce cool to eat goods have cool fragrance, hot to eat there hot mellow).
Because of his serious concentrated business reputation and won numerous awards, in 2006 won the national economic figures 10, August 9, 2006 the hotel was awarded the "four-star" tourist hotel, opened Fusheng Hotel Star Management chapter, in December 2008 won the "A-class" Green Gold Leaf Hotel, in December 2008 to obtain green hotels "Gold Leaf class", May 2011 Fusheng Hotel two shops named "three star" tourist hotel. And a star was born! ZHOU Xiang Yin represents the development of the Japanese Ju Fu Sheng Jin, as Fusheng Hotel has sounded the clarion call to a higher development in the field.