Fusheng Hotel is located in Qingdao Liuting International Airport Civil Aviation Road, located in Jinan-Qingdao, Jiaozhou Bay Expressway and Liuting overpass intersection, 20 kilometers away from Qingdao Railway Station; 0.5 km from the airport; away from Coach Station 2 km; 5 km away from the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge; Jiaozhou Bay tunnel 30 kilometers away from the View Point Chengyang History · Fusheng Hotel location Chengyang outstanding, performance created by the light through the ages, the city of Shenyang in the Han Dynasty, said without their city was the Qingdao region's political and economic center. Lu Han emperor Liu Bang seal species are not men their hou. Eastern Han Dynasty Guangwu, sealing Jinan Fu Sheng nine ancient descendant of the famous economist volts Cham is not their hou generations relative ranking, and performance of the, by their offspring volts Xi, V light morning volt, volts loudly, and fell quality , spread to seven generations volts finish. After a son Volt Volt Code, a woman volt tho. V Code is called "deep with generous" Xijue not its Hou, and Shou-volt light level in two years (AD 195 years) palace canonized as the last emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty Emperor Xian of Han queen, she is famous volts queen. After the failure of the pre-murder Cao destroyed clan. "Han" are: "Cao Cao after killing and destroying his family" records. "Three Kingdoms" also has "V Queen for the country to donate life" chapter. Describes this historical fact, quite vividly, it may be related to this, the city of Shenyang since lost political status, to the Northern Qi Dynasty was abolished.
Hotel east scenic spots:
● Laoshan scenic area, the famous attractions Wah House Mountain, Iron Mountain, Tai Feng, three standard mountain peaks banyan, King Village, Boulder Ridge, pines lake, the hotel about 20 km to the tourist attractions;
● is called "Qilu first Cherry Valley" xiazhuang color Valley Cherry Valley, 4 km away from the hotel;
● Laoshan Mountain is located in a tunic to wear Mao statue, 8.3 meters high (83 years of Mao Zedong's death), GongMountain 5 km away; ● With 1400 years of history, ancient Buddhist monastery "Fa Hai Temple", 6 km away;
● The picturesque tourist resort Taihe Village, 10 km from the hotel;
● economist Han Zheng Xuan's "Kang College", 20 minutes away from the hotel;
● not restore its magistrate Tong Qing government's "Tong Gongci", 20 minutes away from the hotel;
Landscape north of the hotel are:
● built in the Northern Song Dynasty's "Pfaff hermitage", 20 minutes away from the hotel;
● built in the Ming and Qing "stone temple" 10 minutes away from the hotel;
● Castle largest peony cultivation base - Fantasy Park, 5 km away;
● Chou Zhihai pottery galleries, two kilometers away from the hotel;
● Shandong's largest ecological park - Chengyang Century Park, 1 km away;
● Asia's largest insect museum, 15 minutes away from the hotel;
● Jimo Tianheng; 30 km from the hotel;
● Mountain Golf Course, 40 km from the hotel;
Hotel-west section of scenic spots are:
● Asia's largest artificial reservoir dam Plains - Jihongtan reservoirs, eight kilometers from the hotel;
● Jiaonan Langyatai, 40 km from the hotel.
● Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay tunnel opened to traffic. Jiaozhou Bay tunnel is China's longest undersea tunnel today, length 9.47 km, starting at the end of its Huangdao coastal road, the end of the Urban Mission Island Road and Qutang Road intersection, compared with China's first undersea tunnel - - Xiamen undersea tunnel length of 0.77 km. About 30 km from the hotel.
● Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge opened to traffic, and with the Jiaozhou Bay tunnel through. Frozen waters of Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is a large bridge in northern cluster - Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, the sea Interchange, Red Island Interchange (is our country's first offshore Interchange), this interchange is the Red Island, Qingdao, Huangdao three Connect up. 5 km from the hotel