Fusheng Hotel Corporate Culture
1. Complex Sheng Renxuan words:
We are a group of hard-working people, Fusheng full of love, we care about each other, mutual affirmation, mutual help and mutual understanding. We embrace the wisdom to look beyond; we want to succeed; our unity and cooperation, work together to jointly create a better "Fu Sheng" homes.
Fu Sheng's management is consistent with the values of stress, stress teamwork, attention to collective style, pay attention to the art of leadership, sincerity and confidence to win the hearts of employees, has won the hearts of guests.
2. Fu Sheng Enterprise spirit: unity, trustworthiness, honesty, dedication
3. Fusheng service credo:
Service is our pleasure to guests; learning to share is our responsibility; guest satisfaction is our goal.
4. Fu Sheng's mission:
Care for and nurture those who love Fusheng successful product or service, regardless of which industry he is now interested parties.
5. Fusheng idea: Let Fusheng better tomorrow!
6. Slogan:
⑴. Creating rational consumer attitudes, dedication sincere service.
⑵. Same root concentric, full integration for the common cause of development and strive Fusheng.
⑶. Make guiyou is our aspiration, the pursuit of success is our ideal.
⑷. Only the "Fu Sheng Man" think, no, "Fu Sheng Man" can not do.
7. The hotel's service brand: one step forward to make the guests!
8. The hotel's shop Motto: The ability to give top priority to improve service guests